Milo Turk performs his own song “No Sex Allowed” in the Dallas American Idol Auditions.

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  1. I understand what this guy is trying to do and I share his conservative values. However, he went about this the wrong way, turning a lot of people off in the bargain. (No pun intended.)) If you want to lead people in another direction, you don't say, "No no no!" You say, "Here's something better." As a songwriter myself, my approach wold have been more like, "Darling, you're worth waiting for." What is he doing dating a girl with incompatible values anyway?  While the lyrics said, "There's a better way," He failed to elaborate on that. I don't think he was advocating life-long celibacy, but that's how it came across. It was all a bit morbid. Simon called it perverted. I can't disagree. Besides that, his image is totally wrong for teenagers and young adults. His attempts to look hip fell flat. He should have at least worn a hat.  if you ask me. It made those of us who believe in waiting until marriage look irritatingly weird. Milo, an A for trying, but a big fat Z for your methods. With all due respect, please don't quit your day job and stop singing this song.

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