Telisia Espinosa of Tampa said she was bound to a life of sex trafficking not by chains or locks, but by emotion. She said the man, whose actual name she still can not bring herself to utter, trapped her for five years.


  1. The FBI CIA FEMA n the Americans are confused
    Who is the bad or destroyed girl
    They just dont know
    They look the same among the female
    The granny mother or child have the same mentality
    Wearing shorts bikinis g-string tattooed in public

  2. there are girls in places like Costa Rica who are held in chains,drugged with guards at the door. it's the place where stars goes. in South American groups of five year olds are paid two dollars for oral sex which they beg for in order to eat.
    the govts allow it all to go on and the UN says it does not qualify like the bosnian Muslims who were gang raped for years. why not?
    Even in Canada the "nicest" of guys go after weak women or children with help from racists.
    at the very least, we can't police the streets to rescue young girls in South America or those locked up in sexual torture? the wars are about women and controlling us so protect us and you will have peace.
    thousands of children are abducted each year in the states but very little effort goes in finding them. making sure that women have to work makes homeschooling impossible if we want to keep them safe .
    allowing sex before marriage helped to endanger all women. this is the fault of the christians and jews.

  3. A recent research revealed that almost most of the women on "pornhub website" are "trafficked sex slaves" and only a handful of them are actual pornstars. What shocks me is that the whole world watches pornhub and the government is aware of it, but nobody arrests those bloody bastards running that website. WHY???

  4. Well i don't believe her. Maybe it's because she reminds me too much of my mother, i was also listening to the words she used.

    I know some women go through this, it's probably in the 1000s, but i just don't believe her.

    And yes this needs to be resolved, i mean sex trafficking, legalize prostitution world wide..and hire security guards to keep the girls safe..and setup cameras and shit like that….it wont get much safer than that.

  5. Enhancing prison sentences for human trafficking doesn't prevent
    psychopaths from making these situations reoccur. We have to remove monetary reward for trafficking to further prevent it. This is practically impossible
    unless we remove money in general. Find the root cause, and eliminate
    it. Eliminating some symptoms doesn't solve the problem. This is the answer to most of our problems in the world today.

    Look up "The Venus Project."

  6. This goes to show that it is not the creepy dirty truck driver, biker, or thug who frequently use and abuse these girls but the married family men dressed in a suit and are part of running this country that rape these young women and men.


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